The Princess and the Pee

Yeah, you read that right...

A true life fairytale. That's my life. But like any good story, it is rife with tears, struggles, hardships, bad guys, walking in the rain, laughing late into the night. Who wants to read a book without a conflict, without something to overcome? The classic couple, Darcy and Elizabeth, Snow White and Prince Charming, Jamie and Claire, they all had their shortcomings, and we all understand that riding off into the sunset is not really the end of the story.

Today is the day, 22 years ago, that I embarked on the beginning of the adventure of my life. I said yes to a date with Joshua Goodman. Its crazy how I imagined things would be and the way that they have turned out. Life together has really been one challenge after another, but oh the victories that we have celebrated, the memories we have accumulated, the love that we have built.

Thanks for reaching out a hand, my love, and asking me to join you as you run. There is no other life I could ask for.


Stand With Me

I don't often make appeals on my blog, in fact I can't remember ever making one, so there's a first time for everything I guess. In the beginning of next year, a group of brave young men and women, including my son, Tony and my husband, will be trekking to Tanzania and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Adventure extreme! However, they are endeavoring upon this journey in order to bring awareness and gather support for the over 27 million people who have been sold into slavery. The plan is to help out a local ministry who is actually rehabilitating the individuals who are rescued from this life of slavery and raise funds for the ongoing ministry. In addition they will be documenting the entire journey in film. Words fail me in bringing light to this subject. The team, Standing for Freedom has put together a short video to put into perspective the magnitude of what they are attempting to do. Of course, my mama heart soars as, you guessed it, my boy will be holding the camera. Please consider supporting the team and check out the video here.

If you are interested in funding the documentary, check out this site.

If you want to support the team, go here.


My Face

I was born with it. I'm stuck with it. Love it or hate it, its mine. Rumor has it I inherited my daddy's eyes and my grandma's bone structure and apparently nobody bothered to donate their smile because apparently I never use it.

This non-smiling attribute has been a bane to my livelihood for a long while now. I remember my mom sending me off to a new day of school with the reminder, "Friendly people make friends, Amber." Countless school photographers, "Smile...Please?" My colorguard coach, "Don't forget to count and remember to smile!" He actually went so far as to make us put vaseline on our teeth to keep our lips from closing. I still gag remembering forcing a fake smile for the seemingly endless routine.

 Let me assure you, I am happy. Normal happy, not going around singing tunes like I'm in a stinking musical or anything. Although that does happen at times, just ask my kids. I have never been able to fake my feelings. My face at rest just doesn't look happy and for that I am sad. I don't mean to make you think that you make me mad, or your kids make me mad, or that I'm on the verge of tears, or planning the demise of everyone in my vicinity. 

So, I don't know, maybe its the recent and public scrutiny of my non-smiling face that got me thinking, or the picture that my beloved eldest son posted on instagram in a tribute to me. My close family assured me that it is the best depiction of my face and its a very mean and unhappy face. Trust me that I'm working on it. I'm sorry...


Think Small

The past few weeks have seemed to whirl by with hurricane force ferocity. Two birthdays, school field trips, in-laws in town, church, church, work, school, homework, and on and on and on. These are my least favorite times. I get to the point where there is so much going on and I'm overwhelmed and can't even gather my thoughts together long enough to figure out where to start working. I'm dragged on by the current.

It is precisely times such as these that make me stop and think, that is when I have a moment of quiet to catch them, and in all of my busyness I contemplate, what really matters? When I was young and full of dreams I thought I was gonna change the world. I was going to make a name for myself and affect tons of people and yay Amber! I had big plans. Growing up I was bombarded with encouragements that I could do anything I set my mind to do. Follow your dreams! Go and make disciples of ALL nations. Dream big! Good suggestions all, but in my zeal I focused on the all and the big and when they seemed out of reach, I ignored what was right here in my own house, in my own church, in my own city. God forbid that it is all part of God's plan for my life to live right here with these ordinary people and make the difference that only I can make. If I really believe that my life has purpose, why does the plan always have to be full of glitz and glamor and any where but here God! My heart had a hard time reining itself in to the changing of the 7 lives who live with me day to day. Seeing my coworkers and my own neighbors and those I come into contact with all the time and shining a steady light for them to see. I can glow big and bright for short periods of time, but what about the long haul, how are my batteries then?

Last night my oldest and I were talking about our broken television. This is the second time that our large screen has been out of commission and daddy and I were thinking that maybe we should just roll with it and get rid of cable and blah blah blah. My son interjects with this statement, "There you guys go again, always so over the top." You know I'm really enjoying this new perspective Tony brings to my life. Nobody else could probably point out the things he can. He's been with us as we glean through our DVD closet and start a new health program and pledge to ride our bikes in to work. He's also seen us buy all new DVDs and eat nachos in bed at 11 pm and you get the picture. Its not about the drama its about the continuity. Don't be afraid to think small and then stick with it.
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