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Adjustment and the Most Dangerous Highway in America

Yes, I'm still here. We made it through the springtime and the one year anniversaries of all of our losses. Summer kept us busy. Our first trip to Florida since Papa left us was quite a challenge, taking the kids around reintroducing the older ones, and introducing the younger set to all of our family hangouts, even establishing some new ones. Finally got around to placing a headstone on the grave of Josh's little sister, Rebecca who died before the family packed up and moved to Haiti to begin the Great Goodman Adventure. Such a bittersweet moment of placing that memorial, praying as a family and paying our respect, at the exact same time that, way over in Texas, Josh's sister, Jennifer, was delivering the newest addition to the crew.

While we were sightseeing around Josh's home state, an unforeseen thing happened. We were traveling back to Orlando from Tampa on the interstate, in the fast lane, in the rain, on what turns out to be the most dangerous highway in the U. …

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