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No Small Matter

Sometimes I just get lost in the day to day and the struggle that this life is. I'm not hopeless or helpless,  just a little off track. Things blindside me and I reel around for awhile trying to find my direction again. I have so many questions that I know I'll never get answers to. At times I remember my little boy with his shins covered with bruises all the time and wondering how on earth he was always getting himself hurt. I feel like that. My legs are all bruised up from all the struggle. Injuries in various stages of healing.

Grief, sorrow, mourning, loss.

The Bible encourages us to mourn with those who mourn. It reminds us that we are comforted so that we can bring comfort to others. God's Word says that Jesus bore our grief and carried our sorrows. When I feel beat down by the pain, I have to remember that this same God who made me and called me as His own, doesn't just come and place a comforting hand on my shoulder. He doesn't just offer words of consolati…

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