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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Keep a ready to learn attitude. It's one of my classroom expectations. Along with respecting our peers and coming to class prepared. And I think that it applies to every part of our lives right now.  We started back to school last week. Mask on, mask off, sanitize, disinfect, wash your hands and your desk and the doorknobs, don't even think about getting anywhere shy of six feet away from your neighbor. So much to do in the classroom besides simply learning. But I'm reminding myself to always stay ready to learn. What can I take from this awful time? What can be learned, and applied? Finally, we are back in the building for church as well, and its so weird singing praises to the Lord with a mask on. But I ask myself was I doing that before, except no one could see my mask? Was I keeping away from people? Was I making sure that I took the extra time to cleanse my heart as well as I've been washing my hands?  In this time, I want to examine myself. Take the time to really

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