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I Witness

I was born into a church family. I've never known anything different than the "we go to church every Sunday" routine. My momma was raised that way, my grandma was raised that way and I'm not sure how far back it goes, but this is my heritage. Not just church going, but Bible believing, daily praying, Holy Spirit tongue talking, tambourine banging, laying hands on the sick, living. I know nothing different than going to my momma for advice and her inserting God and His directions through His Word into our conversation. Things like His will and faith and hope and all that stuff. When we got sick, she would pray over us. She cleaned our house while praying over it. Life has had its share of troubles and trials but I have never turned away from my faith.

My husband had a different upbringing in that his parents came to the Lord when he was a young child, so he can recall the BC (before Christ) era of their lives. After both a miraculous healing and a life-changing loss, …

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