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I love reading the Psalms. David is such a real kinda guy. He has his ups and his downs and he doesn't mind letting everybody know about them. He really loves his God and he's not ashamed of that relationship. In our Bible reading we've been going through David's stories and the Psalms and last week I read about his problem at Ziklag.

First of all it is not lost on me that David was the runt of his family, but anointed the next king of Israel. He was invited to live in the palace and his best friend was the king's own son, but he had to run for his life from that same king. He lived in caves and on the lam. He ended up in Philistine country living a double life. He was asked to go to war against the Israelites with the Philistines, but then they decided they didn't trust him after all and sent him back home to Ziklag.

Upon returning to Ziklag, the men discovered that while they were busy trying to make war, their camp had been invaded, burned to the ground, and…

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