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Deviled Eggs and Masquerades

Some of our kids gathered around our table last Sunday to celebrate the holiday together. We worked hard in the kitchen and presented some traditions from both sets of grandmas' recipe books. I sat down triumphant that it had all turned out except the dinner rolls we forgot to rise and had to give up on. Then the food started being passed around the table and I had a fleeting, unbeckoned memory of Easters' past when one of my daughters would scoop up too many deviled eggs and characteristically shove one in her mouth as the plate passed by. She and her older brother were the only ones not seated at the table this year, one from choice and the other out of necessity. It was just a glimpse into the past, but my momma heart just couldn't take it. Suddenly this long awaited meal just didn't taste any good, and when it was time to clean up and the egg plate came back around with leftovers on it that was just too much. Just as soon as I could, I broke away from the group and…

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