The Princess and the Pee

Yeah, you read that right...

A true life fairytale. That's my life. But like any good story, it is rife with tears, struggles, hardships, bad guys, walking in the rain, laughing late into the night. Who wants to read a book without a conflict, without something to overcome? The classic couple, Darcy and Elizabeth, Snow White and Prince Charming, Jamie and Claire, they all had their shortcomings, and we all understand that riding off into the sunset is not really the end of the story.

Today is the day, 22 years ago, that I embarked on the beginning of the adventure of my life. I said yes to a date with Joshua Goodman. Its crazy how I imagined things would be and the way that they have turned out. Life together has really been one challenge after another, but oh the victories that we have celebrated, the memories we have accumulated, the love that we have built.

Thanks for reaching out a hand, my love, and asking me to join you as you run. There is no other life I could ask for.


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