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Joy Unspeakable

 There are times in life which drop us to our knees, they leave us speechless, they try our patience, shake our faith and question our hope. I've been a witness to these unavoidable events in my own journey. At Christmas especially, as we are making lists for presents, and prayers, and cards. When I'm setting the table conscious of the people who will no longer be joining us this year or the next or the next. It comes as a wave, knocking me off my feet and taking my breath away.  This is when I've got to be mindful of my perspective of things here and now. I can remain in that place and look at what I've lost and what will never be, or I can take a minute and look at this moment from God's perspective, a heavenly prescription, if you will. His way of looking at things brings to me a quiet contentment. I must choose joy. Ann Voskamp in her book, The Greatest Gift says, "Joy is a function of gratitude, and gratitude is a function of perspective. You only begin to

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