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Empty Handed

Well we made it through the flurry of Christmas and I don't know about you but I'm looking at returning to work tomorrow. Most years I have an optimistic view of what's to come, but this year I've got my lists of things I want to get done and things I want to see accomplished, honestly walking forward with a whatsoever comes kind of attitude. Christmas was a little anticlimactic and while I know its not all about me, its just felt different. Shoot, the past few years haven't felt right. Its like I can't even plan my vacation months ahead of time because I don't know what is in store. I mean that's how life has always been in reality, but it seems more tiring right now to make plans and then have to squelch them.  Life is unwieldy and complicated. I'm afraid I've grown calloused but I hope its that I'm being more fluid. In our house, we begin every year with a time of fasting and prayer, 21 days of seeking the Lord and laying down what we have

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