Muddled Through

On this side of Christmas I can speak honestly and say that we survived. As my husband said the day after, we muddled ourselves through it. We celebrated the basics, held up most of our family traditions, and huddled close as only a suffering family can do. There was a glaring hollowness to the red sauce and the gnocchis that everyone felt but we didn't catch ourselves staring into it, we held onto one another and walked on through. Then we all got up and did what we've been taught to do, when the going gets tough, the tough head to the beach. So incredibly cold, but it was the reset we all needed.

At this time of year people start talking about their words for the next year. Can I tell you that I'm afraid to plan? But looking back at last year and my final words being: pain, trust and promise, foreshadowing what was to come for us, I want to go ahead and grab onto hope and trust right now. If nothing else I've learned that no matter what rages around me, in me or through me, Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. That is comfort enough for this girl to walk away from the pain and disappointment held in 2018 and walk somewhat trepidatiously into this brand new year. For we may be hanging on by a thread but we're still here by His grace.


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