Walled In

Another funeral and my husband is encouraging the family to find hope and offering his condolences and its like he's talking just to me...again. He mentions the well run race, and that all runners begin well. Its when you hit the wall that your true character is shown. Will you keep running, stop, or turn around and go back?

This crush of suffering has made me feel caged in, surrounded. My limits are even more constraining and I constantly feel like I'm teetering on the edge of a cliff about to fall in to the chasm. We all reach this point, several times in our lives. What will we do when faced with what seems like a dead end? Will we sit down and give up? Turn around? Or will we get out the pick axe, the hammer and chisel and begin working at a way through this obstacle?

Walls are used for so many things-protection, privacy, exclusion, but there is no life like a free range, wide open, no holds barred existence. As for me, I'm pushing through, climbing over, digging under, anything to get past this barrier.


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