Just Too Much

Too much of a good thing... there's a warning for that. But what about too much of a bad thing? That's obvious right? What if we can't request a diminished helping of what has been served on our plate?

Several years ago our family went out on the water in a boat for some awesome tubing times. For the first time in my life I put on a lifevest, jumped on an inner tube with my husband and held on for dear life as the watercraft towed us behind. It was fun, and then in a second I was flying across the water on my back, bouncing off the wake from the boat. Once I stopped that's when the fear started as I had to wait for the group to turn around and come pick me up. Never had I been so grateful for a life jacket in my entire life. I remember mixed with his chuckles, Papa asking me if I was ok. From his vantage point, I might have just endured something difficult.

Right now, I'm so grateful for my Life Preserver. I feel like life has whipped me around and I've gone flying across the waves and I'm a little afraid floating here in the water by myself waiting for help. I've got people, loving and caring people, noticing that I might have endured something traumatic and they're asking me if I'm ok. I don't know how to answer anymore.

Can I just say that I have too much on my plate right now? I don't think I can stomach any more. But in the midst when I'm crying out, I realize that He is too much. Too much love, endless and infinite and this life is meant to condition me and strenghen me and stretch me beyond what I think I can stand.


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