Green Things

My garden didn't start out too well this year. As I lamented in another blog post, the cold weather hung around for a minute here in North Carolina, and I just didn't feel much like planting seeds and tilling up soil. We have a really small backyard and I began three years ago with only container gardening, then the next year we put in raised beds and after that we expanded the beds and now this year I put in even more. My poor seedlings had a rough start with me not really wanting to plant them in the first place, and being behind schedule and all. I really love being out in our garden, but this season has just been so sad.

The cool thing that happened was that through some miraculous events, I have been given more plants than I know what to do with. I have trays and trays of tomato, basil, peppers and eggplant. I love it because those are all of the makings for the best meals my husband makes. Italian! Can somebody say eggplant parmiagiana? I felt as if the Lord was gifting these especially for us.

On top of that I was given flowers and pretty plants too, and I'm sitting out here in my once sad garden enjoying all this beauty. These things may sound silly to you, and maybe they are but I'm recognizing them as precious gifts from a Father who knows me and loves me and enjoys giving me things that make me smile.


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