When the Vacuum Doesn't Suck, But Life Does

The funeral was on Saturday.

We drove home from Ohio and the rain followed us the whole way home.

Monday my vacuum stopped sucking and the washing machine started to overflow.

My life in a nutshell.

I have been posting a lot about my pain lately and started to feel bad about that. Then I went back and read some Psalms and realized that David didn't always write about the highlights of his life. Not everything was Instagram or Facebook worthy.

Thumbs up. Smiley face icon.

Nope. He wrote his fair share of "God get me out of this, I hurt real bad, and I'm pretty mad and sad about it at the same time" kind of stuff.

Its okay to be sad and fed up and wondering when things are gonna feel better, get better, stay better for more than a minute.

The thing that's really cool is that in the midst of the garbage, we have this little inkling of hope, and its like a light bulb being lit up in a really dark attic room. And as we can see just a little bit and get our bearings and remember that God has never let us down before and He's got wonderful plans in store for us, more light and more light and more light illuminates and even though I remember I'm still in the scary attic its a little more bearable with all that light.


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