Going Through

Its a process, this new place we've found ourselves in.

Every morning we wake up and drink our coffee and inquire upon one another's sleep the night before and then we set in to deciding what it is we are going to tackle that day, together. Each day, each task, each moment, handle it and see if we can do another thing on the list. Some days its packing up his things, or signing paperwork, or receiving condolences from friends. We are finding that with each day its different and each of us is healing differently, but altogether this is moving very slowly, this process of going through.

We go through his belongings, and we go through the day, and we go through the tears and we go through the sadness. And there are people who are telling us we need to take some time and there are people who are telling us that we shouldn't take too much time, don't dwell here they say. But as we are going through, we have made a determination that we will move on from this place as the Lord leads. Its ok to be sad, its ok to take some time and take a breath. Its ok to take our time. Going through isn't about getting it over with, and even though we don't like to admit it, sometimes God's work in us isn't very pretty to watch. Our hope is in Him and most of all in the times that we really don't understand and know that we could never get through it without Him.


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