The Way I See It

My first blog post of 2018 and we are already half way into February. Sorry folks, its been a messy start for us here in the Parsonage. 2017 had more than its share of battles fought and victories won, and Christmas had its portion of struggles. I stepped into this new year ready for the new, excited about change. I was offered a new job for a new employer and though I was prepared for challenge, I had not a clue. Ha! The snowpocalyse hit our region and messed up all my plans to walk into the new year confident and full of hope. I kinda slipped into it on an enormous sheet of black ice, skidding and slamming my brakes.

The first day of my new job there was a two hour delay, second day released two hours early and then it was hit or miss between school actually being in session or kids being out with the flu.

The first day of the snowstorm, my youngest daughter prepared for a snowball fight and came out of it with a broken wrist.

Then there was the night she woke me up to clean up the vomit on the couch.

Then kid #6 got it, then precious daughter got it again, then Kid #4. I felt like for about two weeks all I did was empty vomit buckets and run around with a can of Lysol.

Did I mention Kid #2 grown up and with a baby of her own came over to throw up at my house also?

Then Kid #3, scared us all half to death with an ER visit that landed her in a hospital in Raleigh with some tears in her esophagus.

Two of our dogs ran away right before Josh and Tay were supposed to leave for their once in a lifetime trip to DC to the National Prayer Breakfast.

These are just the highlights, folks.

The good news: everyone is healthy and whole again, the dogs came back, I actually have been with my new students for two whole weeks now.

The point of all of this is-round about January 2, 2018 I had to stop, take a deep breath, and reassess my situation. For some reason, I peek into the new year and think, new opportunities=no problems. I don't know why, but I do that, every stinkin' year. I was sitting in church on one of the few Sundays I got to attend between bouts of kid sickness and recovery times, and just looked around at all of God's people gathered there. So many different walks of life, age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and yet we are all battling, all fighting against something on a daily basis. Sure, we have moments of peace, but basically life is a battle.

Paul knew this, or else he would not have reminded us to put on the whole armor of God everyday.

What use is armor if you're not fighting a war?

Jesus advised us to take up our cross daily and follow him.

What use is a cross if we are not dying to self? 

Let me pose this question. Why do we feel as if victory in Jesus means that we won't face struggle? That somehow in being a follower of Christ we won't suffer?

If you aren't fighting a battle, are you really living for Him?

I want 2018 to be an easier year than 2017 was, sure, but I'm realizing that I'm not the same person that walked into 2017. It changed me, it toughened me up, it strengthened me. This new year with its new challenges, new battles, should be approached from the vantage point that I'm getting used to these foul tactics of the enemy. I see him sneaking up. I know his purpose is to steal, kill and destroy and well,
I'm just not gonna let 'em.


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