I Witness

I was born into a church family. I've never known anything different than the "we go to church every Sunday" routine. My momma was raised that way, my grandma was raised that way and I'm not sure how far back it goes, but this is my heritage. Not just church going, but Bible believing, daily praying, Holy Spirit tongue talking, tambourine banging, laying hands on the sick, living. I know nothing different than going to my momma for advice and her inserting God and His directions through His Word into our conversation. Things like His will and faith and hope and all that stuff. When we got sick, she would pray over us. She cleaned our house while praying over it. Life has had its share of troubles and trials but I have never turned away from my faith.

My husband had a different upbringing in that his parents came to the Lord when he was a young child, so he can recall the BC (before Christ) era of their lives. After both a miraculous healing and a life-changing loss, they rushed headlong into the service of the Lord with all guns blazing, ready to storm the gates of hell and moving their little family to Haiti and tearing things up for God. They have seen blind eyes made to see, deaf ears open, lame walk, demons flee, the sick healed. All of these things my Joshua was an eye witness to, and it shaped his faith.

The Lord brought us together, me with the steady faith, Joshua with the intense blaze of the miraculous, and here we are. Our unique experiences have brought us to this place. It is interesting that at this time of life we are once again looking at what it is we believe and why. Our theology has been shaped by what we have been witness to. The Bible says that if we lay hands on the sick, they will recover. We actually believe that. We've seen it happen.

I can't imagine living any other way. I really can't. When the tough stuff comes up as it is prone to do, I rest in God. I rely on Him. I have assurance that no matter what He has all things in control. Is it because it always turns out the way I want? Hardly. But in this life, that is the only way to truly live victoriously. My experiences, my life, they are my testimony. An eyewitness account of what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

When I doubt His goodness, when I fear the unknown, when I wonder what His will is, I remember-

He heals the sick, I've seen Him do it.
He directs my path, I've watched Him lead me.
He answers my prayers, I've heard His voice.
He cares about me, I've felt His presence.


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