When Words Escape Me

My husband would recognize that as a rare phenomenon. Everyone else sees me as quiet and reserved and he is the only one who has to hear me, all the time. Well my husband and God. There are times in life that just bring you to your knees. You might have pulled off a 360 aerial flip and landed it. But no one notices that you're not quite walking away without a limp. I tend to like to recover in seclusion, nursing my wounds in the silence. Victory and tragedy, both can take some time to recover from. There are things you work so hard to achieve, put so much work and thought and energy into and when you finally reach the goal, the only thing you can do is sit down and catch your breath. There are some life events that knock the breath out of you with the force of their sudden impact. Glory, sorrow, winning and losing, can all be word stealers.

These are the times when I'm so very glad that God allows me to just stand on His Word. Joshua and I preached a rare sermon together a few Wednesdays ago. I actually stood in front of a group of people and shared from the written Word using the spoken words that God had given to me. Little did I know that even as I was speaking from past victories I would be speaking forward into the coming challenges. This past week has given me both some opportunities to fight and to revel in the glory of victory in battles well fought. Not many words this week. My armor feels a bit heavy and well worn. But I'm still standing.

Ephesians 6:13 ...and having done all, to stand firm.


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