What I Take For Granted

Living in America I hear a lot of complaints about our health care system, and I know that they are valid. But for me, maybe having lived outside of our great country and having to face the reality of delivering a baby in a foreign nation, with a foreign way of doing things, I appreciate what we do have access to. On top of that, having given birth to 6 beautiful and healthy babies, I take for granted that when things started to go a little sideways in the delivery room, my doctor had the knowledge and the tools needed to take care of most any problem. I don't tend to dwell in that place, but I realize that things could have gone really, really bad for me and my baby.

Whenever we travel outside of the U.S. I am compelled to see things from a different perspective. Mothers and fathers who don't have the same advantages that my husband and I do. Clean water, regular dental visits, proper nutrition, the availability of quality medical care, are not things I have to think twice about. Sometimes we need to step back from our own situation and see things with another's eyes.

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