Judgy Pants

The older I get the more I understand about judgment. That first impression, second opinion, last ditch effort to win trust. I remember being an 18 year old first time visitor at a new church with my infant son in tow, no ring on my finger and of all the guys to set his cap for me, it had to be the pastor's son. Because you know it can't get judgier than that. All my faults, freckles, and failures were up for grabs and don't even get started on who did I think I was...The greatest thing about it all was that the pastor's son's parents didn't even blink. Sure they had their concerns and their questions and most certainly their doubts. But they never once made me feel less.

Over the years, I haven't been all that good at my judgments. I feel like I'm a pretty discerning individual, and I can certainly smell a lie a mile away. But there are times I jump to conclusions and focus on the up close perspective and have very little grace on what I can't see. I have judged my parents and leaders from the wrong side of the equation. Now that I'm on the other side, being the parent and being the leader, things look a whole lot different. I can understand so many of the decisions that I just couldn't wrap my mind around before. And the crazy thing about it is, that here I am watching people judge me, not knowing all the details, jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. It comes back to you.
My judgy pants are starting to feel a little tight.


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