Just Love

I challenged myself not to get caught up in gimmicks this year. I didn't want to set out to do anything just for the sake of saying that I did.

So in our house, we're taking it month by month and asking God to reveal how he wants us to move. January we focused on living simple. From our food to our time, we took it day by day and tried not to get caught up in the chaos and fluffy stuff. Can I tell you, I had no clue of what was in store for us, and that when I'm sitting here on the first day of February and looking back, I'm so glad that we had purposed in our hearts to live step by step. With the buzz of planning pushed to the sidelines, and our vision pared down we were able to be more sensitive to those things that might have otherwise gotten lost. Not that I'm saying January was easy, not in the least, but I could deal with it better.

In praying about and planning for February, I'm taking what we learned from last month. About letting love be what compels us and bolsters us up. Yesterday Josh and I were talking about looking for ways to actively do what our church stands for: Loving God, Loving Others, and Loving the World. We want to continue in our way of simple living and allowing our hearts to remain open to hearing God's still small voice as we focus more on Him. This year Cliffdale is stepping out in some new and exciting ministry opportunities with the homeless of our community and we want to take our family and jump on board with everything we can do to reach out and show some of God's love in our own city. We plan on supporting a child in Thailand through a missionary that we've known for years and years. 

But when it all comes down to it, these are my plans. They are straightforward and concise. Clean and pretty. All in my control.

So when I get the phone call or the text or the unexpected visitor that just cries out for my unplanned love, that's when it really matters. Plans are awesome. We need to plan. But don't get so busy planning that you miss those little opportunities for unplanned kindnesses along the way.

I'm still recovering from my rough January journey, and my heart is still a little sore, and the world keeps moving forward whether I'm ready for it or not. I pushed through and tripped in to my room after work today, bogged down with my bags, and my disappointments, and my to do list, and my heavy heart. And there, on my nightstand, a little dandelion blossom plucked from the yard by the caring little hands of my baby boy. Such a tiny token, could have almost missed it, all caught up in my day as I was right then. And then before bed when he asked me if I saw it and how he thought of me and wished he could have brought me more.

That's love, pure and simple.


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