Book Review: Surprised by the Healer

Even in our ultra-modern churches and Christian circles, sexual issues are many times a taboo subject. Somehow, the stigma of shame and guilt just continues to hover over those struggling with healing and renewal and the light is not often shed in those dark and shadowy places.

 This is the first book I have ever encountered that tackles the topics of pornography, abortion, rape, incest, prostitution and many others that women are still battling in churches today. Christian women, those whose lives have been renewed by Jesus' love and saving grace, but who have not walked out into their full healing due to shame from their past sins. Surprised by the Healer was a tough book to read. There are real life stories between its front and back covers of real women and their real struggles. So many hurts and broken lives. But the wonderful part of the book is the hope it brings. Hope that no matter where you've been Jesus sees all of you and still loves you. He stands with open arms waiting for us to run to Him and give all of our cares to Him.

If you are in need of full healing from your past, or if you know another woman who could benefit from this book, I highly encourage you to grab a copy and "embrace hope for your broken story."

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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alyssa zech said…
Wow I had no idea what this book was actually about, but it sounds like it fills a giant empty hole in the bookosphere.

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