What I'm Reading: January

This month's a little different in my book selections since its the beginning of the new year. I enjoy having a variety to choose from depending on the mood I'm in.

1. Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are

I actually picked up this wonderful devotional last year, but being that I started in May or so, I wanted to go back and read the book in its entirety. Shauna Niequist is a favorite of mine and I read everything that she publishes. Each day has a scripture, a short essay from Shauna and a closing question of the day for application. Peppered throughout are recipes to help you become more hospitable within your home and to encourage the reader to truly savor life.


This has been a book long on my to-read list, but honestly I was a little worried that it might bore me. It seemed so simple and unassuming. From the moment I first opened the cover and dove in, I've found it hard to put down. Each chapter is devoted to a form of prayer, taking the reader through the steps to begin using it in daily prayer life and then ending with a written prayer. The book begins simply and builds toward more developed prayers. Examples from the Word and from the lives of saints throughout history liven up the text. My prayer life will never look the same again.

Up until reading through this prayer manual, I had never done liturgical prayers. I always thought that in my prayer life, spontaneity was best, but between this book and the one above, I'm learning to broaden my horizons when it comes to my thoughts towards praying. This manual is seasonal and part of a trilogy taking the reader throughout the year in morning, midday, evening, and bedtime written prayer. I especially have enjoyed the section geared toward Advent.

This book won't be released until January 26, but its worth the wait. I'm part of the launch group so I received a pre-release copy and have been enjoying every chapter. It tackles parenting struggles with relevancy and hope, without succumbing to the run of the mill hype.


My sister encouraged me to pick up Agatha Christie again and I've been working my way through the Hercule Poirot series. I like his character so much more than Miss Marple, though I couldn't tell you why, I just do. I've always loved mysteries and Christie is truly the master writer. Each time I finish a book I celebrate by watching the episode on Agatha Christie's Poirot on Netflix. These books are a fun escape.

Here are a couple of books that I have waiting in the wings to begin on once I've polished off a few of the above.





I discovered that Goodreads is a great source when I find myself in the "what do I read next" quandry. It is full of reviews and suggestions and if you decide to venture on over there make sure to "friend" me. I've embarked on a challenge to read 52 books this year and I'm looking forward to sharing my literary finds. Happy reading!


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