This Way

Growing up a military brat, I never imagined that I'd ever be in the same place long enough to establish a community. When I was a kid, my friends would move every few years or so and the cycle would begin again. But today I was privileged to be part of two very special birthday parties.

One was the 50th birthday party of a dear friend my family has known for over 20 years. We sat in her living room and celebrated another year with her and as I looked around the room it struck me that it was filled with a multitude of people who had played an integral part in my own life. They were older than me and much wiser and were definitely the people that Josh and I have looked to over the years for the encouragement to keep fighting towards the goal.

Later in the day we attended the birthday party of a dear sweet little boy who we have known all of his years and he's just in Kindergarten. Again the room was filled with special people to me, but this time I noticed that they were all younger than me, for the most part. They had little kids and were young marrieds and some of them I've known since before they were married, or had kids, or really some I've known since they were little kids themselves. And it hit me. I'm the example to them. I am supposed to be their encourager just like those others have been to me. Man....

That's community, guys. Its about a group of people, coming and going, growing and changing, but looking to those who've traveled before them to give them the details of how to proceed. I pray that I can be the example of God's love, how a godly marriage looks, how to raise covenant children without losing your mind, how to deal with what God sends your way with grace, and a myriad of other things that those others have been and continue to be to me.


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