Story Telling

Each of us is in the midst of a story. It may be an adventure, a drama, a comedy, a tragedy. People tell us we are writing our own story but we are just the main character and we don't even have omniscience. We don't know how its going to end really, and truth be told we don't even know what the next chapter is gonna be about.

I've been scared of my story. Elements are embarrassing, certain parts are boring to the point of tears. Just the sheer mundane, day to day, week after week, stupid surprises and speed bumps ugh! But I'm slowly learning not to fear the routine. Not to hide from the "normal." My life is a gift, maybe sometimes it feels like I only got socks for Christmas but hey its all mine baby, custom made tailor fit socks.

I'm on the look out for the glimmers of hope, the plot twists, the beauty in washing dishes and folding the laundry. I've got grand dreams for the coming year but faithfulness and perseverance are gonna be the keys to moving forward in this story.


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