Slow Mo

Its a new week! After a busy holiday season, and then last week just trying to get back into the swing of things, it was great to just have a quiet Saturday at home this weekend. The college kids are back in their routines as of today, and aside from one very low maintenance visitor, we're basically back to "normal" here at the hacienda.

I breathe a little contented sigh of relief when things flow. I like routine and order and step by step instructions that work. The problem is, life is rarely that way. Most of the time it feels like I'm swimming against the current and it just plumb wears me out. Just when I feel like I've got things down pat, something comes along and lays me out with one blow.

I've got to focus on what really matters and just let the rest go. It is not possible to make everybody happy with me all the time. I can't do everything that I'd like to, or everything that everybody else would want me to. There is a whole world out there, a laundry list of things to accomplish, try out, test drive. I could drive myself absolutely crazy thinking about all the possibilities. The key is doing the thing that I can do that no one else can.

I want this year to be less about the gimmicks, and more about the process of improvement. I want to see a lasting change, because it has a sure foundation. I want to learn to ride the waves, not fight them, and maybe just take in the scenery a little bit.


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