Simple Rest

Resting makes me feel guilty.

I can't even recall the last time I allowed myself to do absolutely nothing. We live in a society where multi-tasking is enthroned. Audio books allow us to "read" while we run, drive, sit at our desks doing other work. I used to study spelling words, and Latin vocabulary and memory verses on our commute to school with my kids. E-readers allow us to bring limitless books along on vacations, appointments, what have you. An individual can surf the internet while sitting on the toilet.

There are no boundaries to what we can do with any amount of "free" time that is allotted to us. Not that there is anything wrong with using time wisely, but when was the last time that you allowed yourself to lay outside under the stars on a blanket and just listen to the night sounds? Must you have a plan for every moment? A soundtrack for every situation?

Have you ever gone to sleep with the sun and woke up with it as well?

There are natural rhythms to life that God has placed in motion to help to guide us and there are things He has commanded of us as well. He doesn't politely suggest that we take a Sabbath day. It is demanded of us.

Stressed out? Sabbath lately?

It takes some self-control to sit down and rest. You're going to feel lazy, you'll start to think of a gazillion things that you could do with your time. But there's nothing more freeing and refreshing than placing a punctuation mark on one week and allowing another one to begin.

Sabbath is that, period.


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