This year I'm reading the Bible chronologically. In all the years and ways I've read through the Bible, its my absolute favorite. You go from creation, Cain and Abel, Tower of Babel and then straight to Job. That's where I'm at right now. Its crazy to start the first month of the year in Job. Talk about tough stuff...

What's even crazier is that for two years now I've taught class across from the 3rd Grade who systematically learns Job 38 every year. Third graders aren't quiet, and they always go to reciting their memory verses when my classes are at a lull. Top that with my child is in 3rd Grade this year, so guess what we practice at home?

The funny thing about it all is that Job is probably one of the most relatable books of the Bible. I mean we start in a typical "once upon a time there was a man named Job" scenario. This guy was awesomely blessed in every way and on top of that he was upright before God. In fact, God was showing him off to Satan. Check out my boy, Job, he's incredible!

And then the bottom drops out and he loses everything. The Bible says this, Job 1:22 Not once through all this do Job sin; not once did he blame God.

Unbelievable! I freak out when my car breaks down and wonder why God deserted me in my time of need...

The poor guy has lost everything, he's covered in sores, his wife is encouraging him to curse God. Then his friends show up to "encourage and comfort him." We all know how that goes and I think we've all experienced similar situations where those we could look to before for encouragement just aren't handing that out. I mean, to be in this bad of shape he had to have done something wrong. But the Word of God insists, he was an upright man before and through it all he did not sin. His friends all sit around trying to figure out just what Job did to deserve this kind of treatment. They're all arguing about it and taking turns trying to make sense of it all and Job is defending himself.

And suddenly God himself shows up and starts asking Job questions. Enter Job 38. He lays out all the amazing creations and His orchestration of it all. When He finishes laying it all out, Job has the opportunity to speak and his realization astounds me. Basically, "what was I even doing trying to act like I could figure out what you were doing in my life, God?"

I absolutely love this story. Its scary thinking about all that can go wrong in life, its hard to have "friends" that don't speak life to your situation. But God showed up in His timing and set everybody straight. He restored what Job lost, He sent the friends packing, He brought people into Job's life that would celebrate and comfort him.

Over the past few weeks, my husband has been preaching a series of messages about "What's in your hands?" Its truly awesome and inspiring and encourages me to pick up the tools God has placed in my hands and use them for His glory. But Job reminds me of this one thing: when it all settles down, I have nothing in my hands, that God has not placed there. Any gift I can build up, any service I can render, any tool I can utilize, its all His already.


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