Lost Things

I am more than stoked about this new year. I am definitely one of those people who feels renewed by the change of seasons and new beginnings get me excited about what God's about to do. I've really been feeling though that this time around, its not enough to just be expectant. I spent last year working toward some goals and then towards the autumn, when you would think I had caught my stride, I really tripped over a few things and felt disappointed by my lack of resiliency.

This year I'm looking back and noting what I want to do differently and also looking ahead to what is expected in this new season.

Last week one of my girls lost a special ring. We looked high and low for that treasure and it was nowhere to be found. Being that it was not my possession, I encouraged my daughter to pray that the Lord would help us to find it. Two maybe three days had gone by and it seemed hopeless, but she prayed. The very next morning I went to the dryer to switch out some laundry and clink-clink-clink....there it was shiny and beautiful. My girl's much sought after ring has been united with its owner and a powerful lesson learned.

Some of us are giving up, some of us aren't asking God for help, some of us aren't even looking anymore. Let me encourage you to keep looking for your lost treasures.


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