Good Gifts

My son got a dinosaur robot for Christmas. It was a frivolous toy, but we told Emari she could pick a gift for her brother and the price on the shelf said something different than the cash register did. Daddy couldn't tell her no, sweet man that he is, so Zi got a more expensive gift than we ever would have purchased for him knowingly. Its funny that the treat was more that Emari got to give her brother something than it was that Zion was getting the gift, in daddy's eyes.

She was so excited about this present. Placing the gift under the tree, watching him open it, was almost too much to bear for this little girl. The real kicker came when Zion announced that he didn't want the dino, "it was too scary." Daddy was thinking about where the receipt was since he'd spent more than he wanted, and Emari was thinking that she'd take it if bubby didn't really want it. All I could think of was  just wait and he'll change his mind.

That dino has been in its original box, untouched, since Christmas. Just today Zion decided he was ready to open it. We pulled it out of its secure wrappings and read over the instructions. The toy has to charge for an hour. Oh my goodness! You'd think Zi would implode. After all this time of letting the gift just sit there, another hour just my make him go insane. Why an hour mom? Why can't I just play with it now?

Everyday adventures with my kids get me thinking about bigger and more important truths. How many gifts from my Father have I shunned? Set to the side? Forgotten about? Then when they are rediscovered I want them to be "ready" for me to use right away?

Deep stuff can come from a simple story of a boy and a dino robot.


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