For Reals, Though

Right now, for me, things are all about perception. I see myself as looking through a keyhole and I'm doubled over and uncomfortable looking at things on the other side of the door. The view is limited and I realize that.

Last year was a lot of work and it paid off. And then I tripped up and started babying myself a little bit, okay, a lot, and things got out of hand. So much that I had set my hand to went back to the way it was. I don't like that.

Now, in retrospect, I can see where things started to go south and I'm starting up again. I've gotta make time for the important things. I need to push the negativity to the side lines. The excuses have got to stop.

On the other side of the door, there are unfulfilled dreams, goals, gifts I haven't even opened yet. I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, instead of looking through the keyhole, I should try to turn the doorknob and just walk right in...


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