False Impressions

A couple of days ago I read a blog post where the writer was talking about her true self. You know that person you are inside, the one that doesn't get out much because you're too busy making excuses for her.

It really struck a chord with me. I spend more time than I'd like to admit rehashing what I could have done, what I could have said differently, what I wish I would have allowed myself to enjoy. Over the years a girl can accumulate a laundry list of items that we shouldn't like, shouldn't do, shouldn't say. Now of course I'm not talking about being rude or sinning or any such craziness. What I am talking about is what you have squished down inside of yourself because someone somewhere someday told you that you shouldn't. Those things that you truly love and enjoy and thrive on when you get to really embrace the truth.

We've been talking about Jubilee and how its the year where the things we've lost or traded or given up are returned to us. This year, I want to remember to enjoy life the way God has blessed me with it. Through the lens of these two eyes and with these two hands. No more hiding who I am or what I like, but really being free to be who He made me to be.


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