Begin Again

I don't know about you but this year for me has been about facing up to some difficult things. This morning I woke up from a pretty interesting dream, and through it I felt encouraged to keep standing up. There are things, precious things, that have been birthed through each one of us. But somewhere, somehow, before the opportunity was even allowed to start moving forward and growing that dream further, an assumed authority came between you and the newly birthed gift. You stepped back and relinquished your rights to that thing, that precious, special dream because you were intimidated. But now is the time, it is high time to stand up and go back and take up what you started. I'm not talking about things you feel are owed to you, I'm not talking about what you feel entitled to, I'm specifically talking about those things that you have set your hand to, grew from a teensy tinsy God-given dream, and then walked away from because you were bullied, or scared or too weak to stand up for what He placed in your heart to do. Don't let those dreams die from neglect. The blessings of God are worth fighting for.


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