Baggage Restrictions

We were living in the Dominican Republic during my fourth pregnancy when I first encountered "special treatment." The people of the DR respect their pregnant women. Long line at the utilities desk? Front of the line when you walk in there with a bun in the oven. Special parking spaces at the grocery store for expectant mommies. Don't even try going through customs and pushing your own baggage cart. I felt special by this treatment, revered and honored, by the sacrifice that complete strangers made when they noticed my condition.

This morning I woke up in a funky sort of mood. Couldn't put my finger on it, but it was one of those, "nothing in the closet looks good on me, the dogs are gonna make a mess right before I try to walk out the door, nobody woke up on their own and if there was something that I could forget at home I'm gonna forget it" kind of Sundays. Have you ever been walking around with some extra baggage that you're not quite sure where you picked it up?

"I don't fit here. I don't know where my place is. I don't feel cute. Does anybody really care?"

Sound familiar? Inner dialogue. Extra baggage that will not fit in the overhead compartment and you're sure as heck not gonna pay extra to have it brought along on the journey.

I walked in the church door, for the second time this morning (because I had to go back for that thing I forgot) and was greeted by one of the smiliest faces I've ever seen. A hug and a smile. Even though I grabbed something from the back of my closet and nothing had turned out the way I wanted in my looks department, hubby leans over and whispers, "You look awful nice today..." Worship team is singing all about how much He loves us all during service this morning. And I came undone.

We need to be looking out for those who are struggling. Whether we think they got themselves into the predicament they're in or not, help, love, carry the burden. If you've been there, the place where you see another at, recognize and give them the help you wish you had had when you were there. Come alongside.



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