The Goodman and I have been together for awhile now. Yet, it always strikes me as funny how it does us a whole lotta good when we take a few days apart from each other. Sometimes he goes somewhere, sometimes its me, but its healthy.

I remember when we were newly married and people would tell us we were such a cute couple. And I'll absolutely never forget when my father-in-law strolled over to my car and out of the blue told me that he had had his doubts about me at first, but he was convinced that I was the right one for his son. To this day I don't know what made him tell me that, but I've held it close. But yesterday somebody told me that he had used Josh and I as an example of what a godly marriage looks like to his students. These kids see my husband and me every day at school, so I kinda shuddered under the weight of that. But all said and done, that's such an awesome compliment because we've worked really hard at this thing.

Over the years, we've learned what works for us and as I said, short absences from each other do the trick. Its being thrown head first into what that person means to your 24/7, 365 existence. At home its spreading the work load out so that every body carries a little bit of what daddy does. Cooking breakfast, reading devotions, and what have you. The kids really appreciate daddy's cooking, because mommy's food is not so yummy and daddy cooks like a chef. There's an empty space next to me as I sleep, discipline the kids, make daily decisions. I come face to face with how much I rely on him. The appreciation is so much greater when he comes home.

And it gets me to thinking that I over look how much I need my God. When things run smoothly, its good, but throw me a bad day and I feel deserted. I feel let down. I feel alone. But the crazy thing is, He never leaves. He never goes on break. At times like that I have to take a step back and begin looking for Him in the every day things.


Jean Holman said…
I absolutely love and appreciate your transparency. It's real, and I always like real. Not to kick Jerome out of the house for a while. LOL! Just kidding. I love you Amber Goodman girl...I absolutely love you.
Jean Holman said…
That should have read, "now to kick Jerome out of the house for a while."

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