A Rare Vintage

A good marriage is a lot of work. When I was first married, I had my list of things I wanted my marriage to look like, things I wasn't ever going to do, and things I wanted to make sure and invest in. The crazy thing is that I thought that if I did this and that and this, that somehow things would be smooth sailing, cuz, hey we were in Love. For the most part, I knew that it was going to be work, but work that I was going to enjoy doing. You know like that chore that you just love and its not really a hardship. I never knew that at times it was going to be more like chopping onions. No matter what tricks you try out, there's still gonna be some tears.

The result that I'm looking at today still blows my mind. I love this man more than I ever thought was possible. There have been some major detours on the way. There have been buckets of tears. There have been angry nights with our backs to each other. But the cool thing is that we have shaped each other. We have bumped up against one another enough times to have rubbed off a little bit. We are not who we were, forever contaminated by living and loving all these years.

So many people stop working when they encounter resistance. Instead of pushing harder, they give up. You can't go through life quitting and expect to have anything of value to show for your years of work. Hard work isn't bad work, its something to be proud of.


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