Love Notes

So, my pastor husband really loves challenges. He loves to issue them and he loves to rise up to meet them too. It has always been in his blood to push further and harder and do more, but one summer we went to a youth conference that literally changed the scope of our lives and we came back to our little youth group here and issued our first challenge. He's been lifting up challenges to the people ever since.

This year, he presented the challenge to our congregation to Fight for Fifteen. He got the knack for the catchy yearly slogan from his very own pastor daddy and I absolutely love it. Part of the push is to pray for 30 minutes, exercise for 30 minutes, read through our Bibles, 1 up in our activity within the church, and more that I can't remember right now, but its good stuff... The point is to reach out, stretch, move, in every part of ourselves, spirit, soul and body, culminating in advancing God's kingdom here on earth. We want to reach the lost, retrieve them from the enemy and see them gain a true and lasting relationship with our Savior.

Now I'm good with it all, determined to reach further and all, but the part that really challenges me honestly is the 1 up portion. I mean, I'm the pastor's wife...I can't move up another level of ministry. So as I was praying over it I felt the Lord leading me to spread out. Extend.

I made up my mind to increase my vision in panoramic detail. No more looking through the keyhole. I wanted to see the big picture. There is so much more to experience when you change your vantage point. In this exercise, I find myself looking for little ways to make people feel special and in doing so I am more sensitive to the power of the note. Little words with big impact. A hug, a smile, a note left on the desk to encourage someone in their day. It can be a text message or a Facebook comment. As I'm looking for opportunities I am experiencing more people returning the favor. Compliments are so underrated.

God gave us a whole Book chock full of notes expressing His love for us, you have only to look and there they are. God is a God of love, extreme, wild, ferocious love. His love for us never ends and there is nothing that we can do to stop it or hinder it in any way. He calls us to love others as He has loved us. What does your love look like?


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