Here's to the Nitpickers

You know who I'm talking about...

Those people who when you're dressed to the nines and lookin' sharp, will point out the scuff on your shoe that you got walking in the door. The person who will let you know that your slip is showing, there's something in your teeth or a booger in your nose. They are not afraid to call your attention to the fact that your form is slipping in sacrifice of efficiency of movement. They ask questions about your "well thought out plans." They remind you of your past attempts and not so successful ventures. They call your bluff, and name potholes in your theology for what they really are.

Admittedly, it feels good to be surrounded with people who compliment you and encourage you. We all hunger for approval. We enjoy hanging around with people who like us and esteem who we are and what we think we stand for. Momma's are really good at that. Nurturing us and loving on us even when we are ugly. You know the saying, "a face only a mama could love." We flourish in a loving environment, or so we think.

Let me point out that its healthy to have a few people in your life who not only notice your flaws and love you through them, but who are brave enough to call your attention to them as well. Don't scorn correction. Don't avoid people who call it as they see it in your life. That's food for growth. How will I know if you don't tell me? How can I change or make adjustments if everybody tells me I'm just fine the way I am?

Rise to the challenge, accept loving criticism, make the necessary adjustments, and drive on.


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