It might be this side of forty. It might be two kids in college and four more at home. It might be 20 years with the same man. It might be that for the first time in my life I received a letter of rejection. Or it might just be God....

I'm feeling a new wind blowing in my life and it feels refreshing, different, new. My life has always been one of determination, I like things to get done and done well. I like to stick with things. I hate having to stop and go another way. Right now though I feel this newness in a new determination. One that tells me that all that has gone before is past. Don't cling to the old accomplishments. There are bigger and better and more challenging things ahead, but somehow instead of being afraid, or cautious even, I'm pumped.

Last year was tough. The tail end of it was almost unbearable. My father in law and two close friends were in a terrible car accident and then in December we lost a very close and dearly loved family member unexpectedly. We hung on to God and each other and we made it through the storms. This year feels like a fight I'm ready to battle through and win.


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