Book Review: The Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith

In her book, The Unveiled Wife, Jennifer Smith has aimed a flashlight into the darker reaches of Christian marriage. By throwing back the covers on previously hidden topics, she provides an outlet for other women who may have been buying into the lie of, “I’m the only one….” She courageously reveals her own struggles with insecurity, sex and hidden sins in a valiant effort to help to free other women engaged in the same bondages.

I have been married for almost 20 years, and have a successful, though hard-fought marriage. Had I had this book even 5 years ago, my load would have been lighter. Reading through this book, I found myself time and time again in Jennifer’s shoes. As a young bride, I felt let down by both God and my husband and engaged in a battle I didn’t think I’d have to fight. Jennifer successfully navigated the troubling waters and found her anchor in God’s love for her and His ideas for her marriage and life.

I highly encourage all married women, newlyweds or “old married ladies” like me to read this book through in its entirety. It has age-old truths, time tested realities that all marriages can benefit from. You can pick up a copy of the book here.


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