I'm still learning. Newsflash right? I would be tempted to think that I might, just maybe, have this parenting thing down to a science. Like maybe I can write a book or manual now or something. Some people have actually said to me, "You really know what you're doing." What does that mean? Have I now reached some ninja parenting elite status or something?

Besides, I am learning that despite opinions to the contrary, having successfully launched two children to college does not make me skilled. This was a four part group activity. My husband, myself, my kid and my God. God is the only constant and reliable part of this project. My first two have pretty much gone off without a hitch, but I don't know where to find the strength to get through the "challenging child." A mother would think that the sleepless nights were over after the baby started sleeping in his or her own room. Oh no. I still get up to make sure they're all where they are supposed to be, breathing and in their beds. Potty trained status isn't the end of cleaning up the messes. Child safety latches and child proofing your house is nothing compared to the damage a teen can do with unlimited texting, the internet, or a car.

Before you start worrying about me, understand this. I know the One with the ultimate parenting skills and He's got my back. He sees everything, knows everything, and can do anything. He has more interest wrapped up in my little hellion than I do. All of my pain from the delivery til now is nothing compared to His Son dying on the cross for that rebellious teenager who mumbles under her breath at me and thinks I can't hear her. He saw her before she even came to be and sees what she will become. He also knows that I learn to understand a little more of His Father's heart every time she breaks mine. He's had His share of rebellious kids.

So maybe I don't have to wish for the simplicity of the days of Moses...There is hope.


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