This month Joshua and I are celebrating 19 years of marriage. Whew! Like I always do I've spent a lot of time thinking about how far we've come and where we're going. Looking back I realize that it wasn't just the two of us that got us here. I mean its obvious to me that God had to be smack dab in the middle of it all for any marriage to survive, I give Him all the glory in this endeavor. What has really impressed me is the amount of people that have had a deliberate hand in the makings of this marriage. I want to take a little bit of time to acknowledge those who have helped to fashion us.

First and foremost I need to acknowledge our parents, for my mom, who prayed for my husband to-be from the time I was born, and then kept on praying no matter what, and for my in-laws, who somehow put up with me ranting in their living room, and listened to me whenever I needed to spill my guts. You guys always had faith in us.

My sister, who maintained there was no man good enough for her big sister and therefore, helped me to keep high standards... Jennifer and Jessica, who maintained that there was no girl good enough for their bubby, and somehow they love me anyway, ha!

Leagues and leagues of people in our church and ministry families: Pat Barnes, who whispered in my ear and reminded me that everything would be OK, Thelma Alexander, who reminded me to never hang my head, Bryan and Lisa Fragas who encouraged and rallied us onward even when our hope was lost. To Randy Johnson who sang me my very first and only love song from the Lord and Malinda Rogers who let us know that God really made us for each other on a porch of a house in Jeremy, Haiti, those experiences have kept me going when I wanted to give up....Mitch and Debbie Martinez our missionary friends in the Dominican Republic who taught me never to be ashamed of having a lot of kids!!!

To my own children, Anthony, Rebecca, Serena Marie, Taylor, Emari-Melina, and Zion: you guys are the reason for my life and the greatest joy of my existence. I hope that daddy and I can model a marriage worthy of being imitated...

And most of all, I give supreme kudos to the love of my life, my own personal good man, my Joshua. You see things in me that I don't see myself, you put up with my frailties and give me courage to view this life as the adventure that it is. Thank you for claiming me as your own and teaching me that true love can be found. I love you!


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