Tree Trimmings

Yesterday was our annual tree trim extravaganza here at the Goodman household. Every year it comes with a flurry of activity and every year I ask myself, "What am I doing?" My mom was and still is a Christmas lover extraordinaire and I grew up with decorations, cookies, candies, parties, everything. My husband's family took it with stride and simplicity. To say the least it was a melding of minds when we entered into marriage. The blending of traditions has made for some pretty interesting end results, however, we do in all in the spirit of the season.

Every year I come to Christmas time with certain expectations for my house, my kids, the food, etc. and every year I walk out of the room shaking my head. Martha Stewart would be ashamed...

The Nativity and Darth Vader?
Bickering over who hangs up the star, whose ornament should go where, clear lights or multi-color? This year, we decorated the tree too early according to the kids. The noise and the mess and ugh. But, step back and look at it all from a distance and its pure family. Humankind at its simplest. Our tree is completely covered star to skirt with memories and childhood crafts and favorite cartoon characters.

My oldest caught me eyeing the tree critically and I had to admit that I look on our tree with a mixture of cynicism and nostalgic reminiscence. My tree might not make it to a magazine but its chock full of years and years of love and family. And I think our grandparents would be proud.


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