U is For Ungrateful

Once more this past week God has spoken through the overheard conversations in the back of my over packed family car. Oracles of cold, hard truth they are. So here's the set up: The kids' school had a book fair and as is the tradition the classes are allowed some "shopping" time in which they take a piece of paper and make a wish list of books that they want. My kiddos actually came up with some good stuff and so I had no trouble picking from their selections. Here's Emari's wish list:
I went with The Beautiful Haircut, since in Emari's values of estimation it seemed to be "priceless." For Zion (who had an even more extensive list than his sister, probably because he had a scribe to write down his choices therefore he was allowed to be exhaustive), I went with a small book entitled, Volcanoes.

After school, I presented the children with their books and felt inwardly proud of myself that I didn't choose what I wanted for them, but went with what they asked for. They were ecstatic and full of thanks and kisses. They toted their new books around and when it was time for the ride home from church, Zion noisily announced, "Mom, I don't want this book anymore! When are you gonna get me the rest of my list?" The air evaporated from my mommy's so amazing balloon and I began to sink back down to earth. Quickly searching for something parental to say other than, "You're a stinking brat!" I found myself not having to.

Emari quickly piped in and informed her brother that he was indeed an ungrateful sort of person to which he retorted that yes he was but when would the rest of the books be arriving for him? Emari explained that ungratefulness is when you don't appreciate what you have and yes she said appreciate. She preached to her brother for a good five minutes and slowly, he relented and with a sniff sat quietly and while ungrateful and unappreciative, he was silent.

My own ungratefulness clawed at me and I thought of Emari's words: how often do I have the same fit when I don't receive all that I asked for? From the mouths of babes I tell you...


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