Mommy Senses

Forget Spider Man. He has the opportunity to put his costume away and live a "normal" life. Once a woman becomes a mother, the job is never done. When I woke up on this fine Saturday morning, the only morning of the week that I can actually sleep in, and found myself wide awake at 7:30 am, the idea of this blog post came to mind. If you're not convinced yet that the mild mannered home school mom who lives next door is really a superhero in disguise let me give you a run down of the typical warning signs.
1. Strong-Can carry a baby in one arm and the entire contents of the trunk in the other arm.

2. Brave-Anybody who can clean up somebody else's vomit without puking herself is pretty brave.

3. Intelligent-Has a PhD but chooses to "help with homework"

4. Special Powers-Can hear her baby crying in a soundproof room

5. Wears a Costume-Let's be honest here, she didn't dress like that before she had kids. 

6. Earns respect-You can hear people talking about her as she leaves church, "I just don't know how she does it...."
7. Athletic-Over developed upper body strength from simultaneously vacuuming and soothing a crying toddler.

8. Has a “sidekick”-AKA "Dad" or "Grandma"
9. Role Model-Everybody wishes they could be a mom "just like her"

10. Unique-Only this special lady could handle this special family.

11. Has a Weakness-Chocolate
12. Uses Gadgets-Dishwasher, Vacuum, Blender, Wii Remote, LeapFrog, Ipad, etc.
13. Has an Arch Enemy-PMS

14. Has a lair or “hideout”-Hidden in plain sight and otherwise known as the "bathroom", only her own kids can find her.

15. Secret Identity (alter ego)-Victoria's Secret Vixen                           
16. Interesting Past (Motivation)-Once upon a time, before her body was morphed into a human bean bag, she enjoyed staying up late and going out to movies and making decisions that didn't have the lives of numerous other people riding on them like "what am I going to eat for dinner?" She is holding out for the day that she will once more return to those long ago times...

17. Love Interest-The kids know him as Dad, his superhero persona.

18. Vehicle-Mini van or for the mom who is deep undercover, an SUV complete with keypad operated doors and built in DVD player.

19. Has a goal-making the world a better place one cookie at a time.

20. Determined-You kids will enjoy yourselves and use your manners and your inside voices and keep your hands to yourself and flush the toilet and do your homework and eat your food!


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