Grab Bag

I absolutely love writing on Sunday mornings. Because of the nature of our household, our house is the quietest it gets on this one morning of the week. The Loud People of the family go to church early and I'm left here with Taylor and the two little guys. Besides throwing together a quick breakfast and starting up the Netflix I can sit here sipping coffee and meandering through my thoughts and ponderings of the week.

But this week there's too much going on up there. I'm full of thoughts on love, and grace, and entitlement, and growing older, and kids away at college and still missing them on the second year of this thing. What to write about? So I'm choosing a topic that just came to me this morning yet has been flitting into my mind all week and maybe longer.

Surprise! Don't be scared by my outbursts, that's the topic...really. When I was a little girl my mom used to take me to a little shop downtown and I would get to pick a treat. I loved getting the grab bag, which was filled with assorted little toys and always a huge surprise. You never knew what you were gonna get but it was oh so exciting. 

Well, I've been really thinking a lot of how this is how my life has turned out. Kind of Forrest Gump "life is like a box of chocolates"-esque. When I made my initial life selections like spouse and church and house and job I never imagined this. With each venture into the bag of treats I pull out something I like and maybe something that I could do without. I mean if its all super amazing everyday, would I truly appreciate it? Would I know what I know now about myself or more importantly my God? By walking through the superb and the difficult I see Him more clearly. I've learned to recognize Him even on the rainy, cloudy, not so good days.

Bottom line, I'm surprised by what I'm finding out about this life and living it. The hard times bite, the low times scrape my knees, but I'm gonna keep on reaching in.


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