No Substitutions Allowed

Here in our house, things still haven't quite settled down to normal since school went back in session. What with Josh's birthday, family in town, work, church events, and school we had a pretty chaotic schedule. Then just as things started looking "normal" momma got sick. I came down with this sinus, cold, stuffy head garbage that you can wade through during the day and then in the evening you just succumb. Not good for a full time working mommy with school kids and a busy schedule. Inevitably something is left undone. Round about Wednesday morning I tried to stay home from work and my husband reminded me how difficult it would be to find a substitute for me at work, so I trudged on. Actually, it made me pretty mad on top of feeling so ill. I mean how unfair that I must go to work sick because I have a job nobody else can do...

Then I started thinking and wait a minute, hold the phone. My whole life is that way. Nobody can be the mommy around here, the wife I can be, the list goes on and on and on. I don't mean any of this in a prideful way, just that I am one of a kind, unique. There are no substitutions allowed for me. If I am absent from any of these situations there is a vacancy, a lack. The same is true for all of us.

And even more importantly the same goes for our relationship with God. He made us each unique and with a purpose in mind. If you even think for one minute that God doesn't notice you, you are so wrong. Your daily struggles and your heart's cries: they matter to Him. Take a look at your relationship with Him. Is it blatantly one-sided? Is He the constant in the relationship and you just flit in and out when you have a need? Know this, God desires a friendship with you, a close relationship, not a fair weather friend and no substitutes are allowed.


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