Well, I've been kinda off the radar the past few days, enjoying some rest and relaxation at the in-laws house. Did I mention they live in the Dominican Republic? Josh, me, and the kids did a short stint here a few years back and I gotta say there's no better thing than to wake up in the Caribbean. I love the beach, the people, the weather. Plus, just getting away and doing absolutely nothing of consequence for a few days can be oh so nice.

A couple of evenings ago we were invited to have dinner at a missionary's house and partake of a traditional Dominican dinner. It was absolutely delightful with rice and beans and avocados and fried plantains. Now that I've got your mouth watering let me tell you what really got me at that dinner: the family's story. Every missionary has a story, but this one really spoke to me.

Earlier in the day I had been reading about the rich young ruler and how Jesus had told him to give up everything and the man just couldn't do that. The readers can look at that story and think that Jesus was being so harsh and maybe the guy should have seen what he was gonna receive in exchange for his worldly possessions. But to us its still just a story, somebody else's story. Well, as we sat there at the dinner table of this family from Bolivia they began telling us about how in Bolivia they had been at the top of their game. She had a lucrative career in the tourism industry and he had a PhD. in Geology. They had the nice house, nice car, nice stuff and they had kids going to school and doing well and things were pretty good. Then God began whispering in their ear to give it all up and come follow Him. Long story short they literally opened up the doors of their house and allowed people to just come in and take what they wanted. Then when the house was empty they gave away their car and the house. What got me was when the man spoke about the toys, all the toys that people just came in and walked away with while they watched. They went on to share about how the Lord led them to the Dominican Republic and the journey it took to get them here and the ways that God has provided for them day to day.

I was undone completely. I thought I might just break down and bawl right there. I mean how many times do I get caught up in my little sacrifices and things that I have to go without. Yet here was a family that gave up everything to pursue what God really wanted them to do. How convinced am I that I'm doing what God wants for me and how like the rich young ruler am I? Am I blinded by what I have to give up or can I see beyond to what I stand to gain that is so much greater? What can I complain about really?


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