Book Review: Chronicles of Dinosauria

In this all new book by Dave Woetzel you will explore the history and the mystery of dinosaurs and man.

Evolutionists try their level best to defame the Bible and creation through the existence of fossil "evidence" that man and dinosaurs did not roam the earth at the same time. Up until reading this book you may have been at a loss to even understand the possibilities and credence of evolutionists claims. However, after partaking of the proof put forth in Chronicles of Dinosauria, you will be better equipped to defend your own beliefs.

Filled with beautiful illustrations and photographs, the book keeps the attention of even younger readers. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the detail given by the author to the subject at hand. Having loved dinosaurs since I was a kid, I always had a difficult time melding my beliefs in creation with what I had been taught about dinosaurs and fossils at school and in other books. This book is an awesome tool for Christian parents and teachers to help explain some of the more "difficult" questions about dinosaurs that children may have.

Read a sample from the book here.

I received a free copy of the book for review from Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.


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