Book Review: All In by Mark Batterson

The Gospel cost NOTHING, but it demands EVERYTHING. It's all or nothing. If Jesus is not LORD OF ALL, then He is not Lord at all.

Mark Batterson is definitely one of my all time favorite authors. His writing challenges me to push for more, to not settle for what I'm already doing. His books always seem to find themselves in my hands at the most perfect times and minister to me in the ways I need to be ministered to.

If you have ever felt like your sacrifice is not so much what Jesus was asking from you, but it was your obedience, this book is for you. If you wonder how God asks for everything we have, yet promises to give us everything that He has, this book is for you. Be compelled to not just live your life but live it for the purpose it was given. As Batterson says, " Jesus didn't die just to keep us safe. he died to MAKE US DANGEROUS."

 I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a review from Booksneeze.


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