Vision Correction

I have been wearing glasses since the eighth grade and one of the most exasperating parts of the annual exam is always those subtle lens choices they give you. You're in the dark with this big metal mask covering your face and the doctor is flipping choices in front of each eye. "Which is" Sometimes its easy, one being blurry and the other clear. But then it gets hard. I ask them to show me one again. Man, which one is better? I don't want less than the best, can you help me choose? If you don't wear glasses and don't in the foggiest understand this analogy I'm so sorry, but here's where it comes into real life.

My family is on the church/school campus most days of the week. My husband is the pastor, my father in law is a pastor, the home I grew up in was a Christian one. I have been immersed in the culture of Christ. The distinction between the world and Christ is clear. But sometimes it just feels like my vision becomes a little blurry over the day in day out. Like my eyes get too adjusted and don't seek to gain clarity anymore.

Over the past two weeks I did two things that really brought to my attention my need for those subtle adjustments the optometrist offers: we took the kids camping and went to a conference. Seems weird since neither of those are life shaking events, but hold on.

Camping was so awesome. My in laws graciously allowed this crazy bunch of travelers to borrow their trailer and so the trip was a little more cushy than it would have been. We had a stove, beds with real linens, and a bathroom with hot water. There we were smack dab in the middle of God's creation and we were missing our separate rooms where we could escape the noise of our big family, our air conditioning, and the fact the that our house is protected from all manner of insect intruders. We had an awesome time but we really had to push through those "inconveniences" and it really bothered me that we had become so soft as to be susceptible to them at all.

Then Joshua and I went to a conference this week in Atlanta. It was great and I gained so much from being there. The thing that immediately struck me is that I was surrounded by educators. They are a different breed of people and this particular group is uber smart too. Now I love teaching but I have never really considered it a calling on my life. These ones were called. You could feel it. They love what they do and they are oh so good at it. My conviction was startling, I had to step up my game.

With both of these examples I became aware of the need for me to "get out more." My perspective had gotten off and I didn't even notice because I hadn't allowed myself any comparisons. It was just some little adjustments that now allow my vision to be clarified. I cannot assess my own perspective. It has become too familiar to me and I must have an outside authority to point out the corrections that must be made.


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