Book Review: Walk With Me by Annie Wald

Walk With Me is a fresh retelling of the classic allegory, Pilgrim’s Progress, but this time its for married couples. The two travellers, Peter and Celeste, start off their journeys with differing backgrounds, meet, fall in love and start on their journey to the King’s City together. Everything begins tranquil and full of beauty and promise, but quickly the road is revealed to be even more difficult with a partner along. Before they know it they are joined by a couple of little travelers and things get even tougher. As they travel along together through the ups and downs, the detours and obstacles, they find that things aren’t always what they seem to be, but the journey is worth the trouble.

This story was such a great picture of what marriage really is: a journey not a destination. It is a beautiful depiction of the struggles, triumphs and ultimate reward that married life provides. I absolutely loved the narrative and highly recommend it to all married couples and those planning to be married.

I received this free copy for review from Moody Publishers.


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