How do I even start writing a blog about the single most influential person in my life? I'm at a loss for how to begin. With Mother's Day approaching I started thinking about being a mom and how to express appreciation to my own mom and I came up with this...being a mom, heck, being a woman, is cyclical. Its like my life is this great big wheel and I'm ever moving forward into new seasons and new life experiences filled with joy and heart ache and just plain life. But at the same time a wheel is a circle itself with no real beginning or end just round and round and yet heading somewhere. Just when I think I can't take it anymore the scenery changes and there's a break in the trees and I can see everything's gonna be ok. Right now I'm constantly being smacked right in the face with all of the ways I just didn't see things that I can see now. I guess you can say my vantage point is a little more panoramic than before.

With that said daily I am wanting to grab the phone or shoot an email or buy a card and just tell my mom that she was so right and I'm so sorry. I didn't get it and I'm not dumb enough to think that I have it all figured out, but Mom thank you so much for putting up with me...

Just a few things you've taught me:

Leftovers are great but don't ever eat the same meal more than once in a month.
Ethnic food makes you feel like you've traveled the world.
Don't be afraid to try new things.
Don't sit down on a public toilet and don't put your mouth on the water fountain.
Eat where the locals eat, the worst looking dives have the best food.
Jesus takes a frown and He turns it upside down.
You can never read enough books.
Its okay to be quiet.
Black and white movies are the best movies.
Be nice to your sister (or brother).

Here's to all the times you had to hear me say, "Mom, I'm pregnant" and you did not laugh or cry (depending), for all the never ending talks about my life and my goals and my dreams. Thank you for telling me that I was selfish and rude. For rooting for me and reminding me that you were the only one who would have ever known that I was scared out of my mind when I had to speak in public. For everything behind the scenes that I have no clue that you ever did or thought or said. And thank you for praying every day for the boy who would grow up to be my husband and my kids' daddy. You did good.


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