Have I Introduced You Before?

When my kids were growing up I loved listening to their prayers to God. Its is so sweet to hear the things they ask for, the things they thank Him for. I love it. Zion relishes his turn to pray for the meal and Emari is always fighting for her turn. At school during chapel time, the headmaster asks for prayer requests and we get everything from sick kittens to good grades.

We have raised our children to know the Lord, to see that He is at work in our lives at all times and through all things. What worries me as a mother is that time when they have to meet God for themselves. They hear me talk about Him and point out His work. I feel like when I was a kid and I had a really cool friend, somebody I loved hanging out with and I just knew that everybody would feel the same way about this person. And then inevitably somebody wouldn't get along and I would feel awkward and like I needed to explain my friend's motives.

I know that God has been my best friend for as far back as I can remember. He is the best friend that anyone can have. There is only good in Him and his motives are always the best. But not everybody sees Him that way.

Tony has been home about a month now from school and he came back ready to get a job and start making some money. Dad told him to hold on, that first things came first and they were going to work on getting our rental house back in shape to put up for rent once again. Now for anyone who has ever had renters, you understand that property can become a black hole sucking up your time, money and energy. This project that we thought would take two weeks max has taken up a month of our time. Tony has gone out there with his dad and worked and worked. The cool thing is that yesterday we about put the finishing touches on the house. The carpets need cleaning and the dishwasher is going to be replaced, however the hard work is done. Tony came home, took a shower and disappeared.

He came home telling us that he went by the place he used to work before he went off to school and the management is changed. There are a few that still know him, but the general manager said that they would put him on their call list. In other words, the bottom of the list. Disappointed, Tony started to leave when the owner of the restaurant walked in asking him how he was doing. Tony explained that he had come by for a job and they weren't going to be able to give him anything right now. The owner smiled and assured Tony that he would have a job. Before leaving Tony chatted with a few more of his old friends that still worked there and the new manager came up to him. He said that it looked like Tony would be hearing from them sooner than he thought. Perfect timing!

I love God's faithfulness, but even more so when it is apparent to my kids. As I watch my older kids start to wobble around on their own two feet without daddy and I standing right there to pick them up, I pray hard that they see God for all of His goodness.


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