Growing Pains

How does a momma allow her babies to grow up? Right now with Tony home for his first summer after going away to college, and Rebecca graduating from High School, I am met with so many emotions everyday. I glance from the two of them, one taller than me now and yet still my little boy and the other with words that can cut you but a smile that can heal your heart and they are still as small to me as Emari and Zion. Serena wearing makeup and Taylor hiding away in her room to read books and I’m at a loss to keep them small and sweet and hanging on my every word. Even my babies are getting older and growing by leaps and bounds. Emari moving up from kindergarten to the “real world” of schooling and Zion starting preschool this fall. Letting them grow is bittersweet. Learning to walk, run, ride a bike, swim, drive, all movements that carry them away from me, but closer to the plan that God has for them.


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